Shipping policy


Delivery mode
To carry out the transport and delivery of shipments, we have chosen the transport and courier company SEUR, a leading company in its sector. 

The place of delivery of the order will be the address that the user reflects in the order form, and depending on the province of shipment, the delivery area in which it is located and its corresponding amount will be selected. 

The shipping cost will be added to the total amount of the order, depending on the selected shipping area. Shipping costs caused by customs fees and supplementary customs charges, as well as dispatch costs (IGI, courier charges, etc.) are exempt from the SFC. Packages abandoned in customs by the client will be the responsibility of the client.

For shipments abroad, the amount of the actual purchase of items will be charged, and the shipping costs of the order, which will vary depending on the country of destination. 

Shipping costs 
You can check the shipping costs to your town from this link (click on it). 

Free Shipping
For purchases over € 80, for national orders. Not available for coupon orders.

Shipments for capitals within the peninsula will have a delivery period between 3 and 7 business days, counting from the order confirmation date, and as long as there is availability of stocks and they do not involve customization of products. During the Christmas period, delivery dates may vary. As of December 24, we will not guarantee delivery on the scheduled dates. In the Promotions period, the dates may vary and increase over time. In case of package retention en Customs delivery time may be much longer than usual.

For other destinations and circumstances, the estimated average delivery time will be 5-9 business days, except for shipments abroad. In case of retention of the packages in customs, the delivery time may be much longer than usual.


Orders with "pre-purchase or reserve" items will have a longer delivery period specified in the description of said item and always approximate.


Pick up at the Stadium Store

Orders that are marked "Store Pickup" will have a pick-up period of 72 hours after making the purchase. In this period, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are excluded. The collection time will be from 10am to 15pm. The delivery will always be made to the person who placed the order and after showing the ID. If the chosen item is within a promotion, delivery will be from 72 working hours.